Kunsthaus TACHELES vs. The System BERLIN 2012

This is a short update to inform on the complex situation at Kuri’s studio in Tacheles. In the past weeks a private security firm and seedy lawyers have been employed by HSH Nordbank to illegally evict the artists of Tacheles. This is causing ongoing problems and disruptions to the normal working practice of the artists who wish to stay in Tacheles.

The Berlin Mayor has remained silent on the issue, meanwhile international press and 1000’s of visitors continue to visit and document the ongoing struggle to preserve one of the last free sites in Berlin Mitte.

Support is needed and greatly appreciated. More info http://kritikdesign.blogspot.de/

Emails in support of Tacheles need to be sent to these officials:

holger.schwemer@stt-hh.de, ronald.titz@stt-hh.de,kontakt@lahr-gawron.de, dr.schultz@schultzundseldeneck.de, anja.miesner@mueller-spreer-ag.de, gesine.daehn@hsh-nordbank.com, olaf.scholz@hamburg.de, info@gal-fraktion.de, info@SPD-Fraktion-Hamburg.de, info@cdu-hamburg.de, landesregierung@schleswig-holstein.de, der-regierende-buergermeister@senatskanzlei.berlin.de, andre.schmitz@kultur.berlin.de, michael.mueller@spd.parlament-berlin.de,Brigitte.Lange@spd.parlament-berlin.de,henkel@cdu-fraktion.berlin.de, brauer@linksfraktion-berlin.de, ramona.pop@gruene-fraktion-berlin.de, petra.pau@bundestag.de, baustadtrat@ba-mitte.verwalt-berlin.de,bernd.neumann@bundestag.de, internetpost@bundeskanzlerin.de, christian.hanke@ba-mitte.verwalt-berlin.de, poststelle@bpra.bund.de, renate.kuenast@bundestag.de, monika.gruetters@bundestag.de, kult@parlament-berlin.de, vorstand@berlin.piratenpartei.de,info@rak-berlin.org,Verwaltung@lg.berlin.de, hans-peter.friedrich@bundestag.de, PPrIR4@polizei.berlin.de, sabine.bangert@gruene-fraktion-berlin.de, office@tacheles.de

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