Kurihara (JP) by GHA

Japanese multi-artist Kurihara is born in the former city Hatogaya, thirty minutes from central Tokyo. In his artworks he combines the Asian and European artistic languages and successfully makes it into his very own expression.  Kurihara tells us that for as long as he can remember his preferred way of communicating has been by using his hands, to paint and create things of his own.  Growing up he would be surrounded by art materials. His mother enjoyed making sketches as a hobby and she would take him with her outside so they could draw together.

After living in Tokyo for many years Kurihara felt an urge to leave the hectic city-life.  The city was not a good environment for an artist Kurihara says, he would never have time to paint. Instead he travelled to Canada, and after that to Europe, always painting during his travels. Berlin is the place where he finally decided to stay. There he met inspiring artist friends and he found a studio in a squat house. Furthermore, he developed his artistic style.

Kurihara’s works are abstract, he means that there are worlds in his mind that has to be transmitted to canvas. He paints objects that does not exist apart from in his unconsciousness. When creating art he is usually speaking with himself in order to make sense of the chaos in his mind, and adds countless amounts of details to his artworks. Kurihara is inspired by lines and architecture. In his acrylic paintings, Kurihara investigates the human universe through lines and colours.

The different realities in his head contain everything, people, cities, even supermarkets. All of them has different shapes and those shapes need to be expressed. In his artwork the fine lines appear to be almost floating in the air – here the artist’s Asian roots become visible.  His paintings arouse the viewer’s curiosity through their wealth of details, and the viewer is sent on a voyage of discovery. Like a kaleidoscope new shapes and forms constantly appear before the viewer’s eyes.

Born in Saitama in Japan

Start to work at a studio in Tokyo with another artist

Apr. Exhibition “Omori ×Kurihara” at GekiGallery ( Tokyo)

Feb. Exhibition(Open studio) “Omori ×Kurihara 2” ( Tokyo)

Sept. Move to Berlin.

Oct. Start to work at a studio in Art House Tacheles (Berlin)

Nov. music&art festival “f*** anything goes” at Tacheles (Berlin)

Jan. Group Exhibition “ParttimeProfessionals” at Galerie ZeitZone (Berlin)

Feb. “tacheleswerkschau” atTaheles (Berlin)

Mar. Group Exhibition “Under The Pipe” at Gallery Wallywoods (Berlin)

Aug. Group Exhibition “high’n’ dry” at Galerie ZeitZone  (Berlin)

Sept. Group Exhibition “uffjeputscht” at Kaffee und Tee  (Berlin)

Feb. “tacheleswerkschau” at Taheles (Berlin)

Feb. “tacheleswerkschau” at Taheles (Berlin)

Sept. Art Festival”Dancy Fox and Berlin Festee present Fruit Salad Boutique”at Landsberger Alle 54.(Berlin)

Feb. Boese Bohnen(Improvisation Live painting Video performance & Live music session) at Goko(Japanese restaurant ) (Berlin)

Feb. “tacheleswerkschau” at Taheles (Berlin)

May. group Exhibition”IN EXCESS, SILENT  DIALOGUE” at Grimmuseum (Berlin)

Oct.Solo Exhibition  “Kurihara-Paintings” at  Tacheles New Gallery 4th floor(Berlin)


Apr.Group Exhibition atGalleri Heike Arndt DK(Berlin)

Aug.Group Exhibition at  Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Denmark)

Aug.Group Exhibition “Wide Scope on Canvas” at Gh36 www.gh36.de  (Berlin)

Aug.Group Exhibition at Caffetteria Buchhandlung, (Berlin)

Nov.Group Exhibition “Japarade” at ShoxxxBoxxx (Berlin)


Feb.Group Exhibition “Japoneeze Mayoneeze” at Knoth&Kuruger(Berlin)

Jun.Group Exhibition “Fresh Legs” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Berlin)

Oct.Group Exhibition “Opdagelser”at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Denmark)

Sep 15th.14th. “Lange Nachat Der Bilder” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Berlin)


Apr.Group Exhibition “From Cuteness to Knowingness” Parallel to the Pictplasma Festival at SomoS Art House (Berlin)

Jun.Group Exhibition “Fresh Legs” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Berlin)

Jun.Group Exhibition “ARTDESIGNHANDMADE#1″at Galaerie Art Valleggia (Amsterdam)

Oct.Solo Exhibition “Gape” at Plateau Gallery Greenhouse (Berlin)

Nov.Group Exhibition “Discoveries 2” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Denmark)


Jan.Group Exhibition, performances, concerts by MultiversalOut Of Order” in Transmediale Vorspiel (Berlin)

Jun.Group Exhibition “Tokyo Art Crossing Berlin” at Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin)

Jun.Group Exhibition “Fresh Legs 2015” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Berlin)

Sep.Exhibition with Eric Messloh at Wohnatelier Messloh (Berlin)

Nov.Group Exhibition “Detail” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK (Berlin)

Nov.Group Exhibition “Opdagelser 2015” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK(Denmark)

Nov.Group Exhibition “Spicy Grains” at ShoxxxBoxxx (Berlin)


Mar. Group Exhibition “JART6th” Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (New York)

May. Group Exhibition EWAAC’s East West Artists Exchange at SomoS Art House (Berlin)

Dec. Group Exhibition at Galleri Heike Arndt DK (Berlin)


Apr. Group Exhibition at Galleri Heike Arndt DK (Berlin)

Oct. solo exhibition at GALERIE LOTTUM (Berlin)


Mar. Solo Exhibition “Kurihara am Neon Kunst” at Neon Kunst (Berlin)

May.Group Exhibition “Kaleidscope” at Galleri Heike Arndt DK (Berlin)
Apr. Group Exhibition “Transit Berlin 2019” at Roskilde Kunstforening – Palæfløjen (Denmark)
Aug. Solo Exhibition at Neon Kunst (Berlin)

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