new painting 70x100cm

acrylic on canvas 70x100

acrylic on canvas 70×100

new drawing 40x40cm

drawing on paper 40x40cm

drawing on paper 40x40cm


new paintings 30x50cm up!


new paintings 50x50cm up!

New Paintings up! 100x50cm

48 Stunden Neukölln at Neon Kunst!!

22- 24.06.2018

Herrfurthstraße 23
12049 Berlin


Exhibition with Performance, Installation, Dance, Video, Music and live Printing

NEON KUNST trusts in sharing and existing friendships in the here and now. We want to experience, develop and share. Crafting utopias and making them real. Drawing power from the reality around us. Coming from a variety of different positions, we focus on what we have in common. Coming together is our NEW REALITY. We celebrate being, and look forward to a shared 48 hours in Neukölln together with you at NEON KUNST.

Exhibition with Performance, Installation, Dance, Video, Music and live Printing

with: Dylan Bakker, Ignatz Bee, Shoxxx, David Braithwaite, Vj Chuuu, Raving Mad Carlos, Czentrifuga Collective, David Flowerkraut, Michiyasu Furutani, Werner Kernebeck, Kurihara, Jean Peut-être, Puppe’n Mucke, Fluss Pluss, Gogo Trash, Yoan Trellu


Program: Fr. 22.06. Vj Chuuu,
Better Restaurant
mini portable crane game machine by Shoxxx
Fluss Pluss
Sa. 23.06. Rudolf
Raving Mad Carlos
David Flowerkraut on Nyckelharpa
So. 24.06. Puppe`n Mucke
D. Braithwaite, W. Kernebeck



new drawings 20x20cm up!

new paintings 50x100cm

no title

acrylic on canvas 50x100cm

no title

acrylic on canvas 50x100cm

group exhibition opening 02/May/2018 19h- at Galleri Heike Arndt DK

Kaleidoscope Exhibition opening May 2nd at 7 pm

Martin Gerstenberger (DE) drawing, mixed media, objects,  Katharina Kleinfeld (DE) paper sculpture, Kurihara (JP) painting, drawing and Jussi Jääskeläinen (FI) drawing

KALEIDOSCOPE is a refuge of fantasy, where patterns mutate and dance to the will of the spectator. In this exhibition, we want to present the work of four artists who explore, in their own way, the unexpected interactions between colour, texture and volume. As these merge, they create an unexpected interaction, taking the playfulness of a child into the complexity of an adult.


Galleri Heike Arndt DK
Voigtstrasse 12
10247 Berlin (DE)
+49 (0)30-48624152

SOLO Exhibition at NEONKUNST Vernissage 16.03.2018 19h-


NEONKUNST/// Herrfurthstraße 23, 12049 Berlin Neukölln

FB-event-page/// https://www.facebook.com/events/420697591698286


new 40x40cm drawings !



drawings 20x20cm up!!

repainted paintings 125x125cm


repainted paintings 70x70cm

repainted old works.

new paintings 20x20up

new series.


new drawings 20x20cm up!

Solo exhibition at GALERIE LOTTUM

(c) Bernd Kumar Photography

solo exhibition at GALERIE LOTTUM on 13th Oct 2017

solo exhibition at GALERIE LOTTUM

opening on 13th Oct from 20:00-

Lottumstrasse 1 in 10119 Berlin
Öffnungszeiten Di -So von 16.00 – 20.00


painting on canvas 125x125cm

painting on canvas 125x125cm


drawings 20x20cm again!


more drawings 20x20cm


drawings 20x20cm

group exhibition at Galerie Lottum 4th Aug 2017

I’m participating  this group show.

opening 4th Aug 2017 20:00-

Galerie Lottum

Lottum Straße 1, 10119 ベルリン


more info….



Exhibition at Galleri Heike Arndt DK untill May 2nd.

some of my new works are on this group exhibition at Galleri Heike Arndt.

link…. http://berlin.heike-arndt.dk/exhibitions/current-exhibition

Wednesday-Friday 13-19, Saturday 11-18,  untill May 2nd.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK



new painting 125×125

acrylic on canvas 125x125cm

acrylic on canvas 125x125cm