group Exhibition “TOKYO art crossing BERLIN” 6. Juni 2015 – 21. Juni 2015 

TOKYO crossing art BERLIN

This exhibition will be held in neurotitan gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg, an art complex in the area of Mitte.

neurotitan gallery is directly organized and managed by Schwarzenberg e.V. who’s been running the main part of the haus. This program is positioned as the main exhibition of this whole project. There will be ten from Tokyo, ten from Berlin and five from NY. It will be a group exhibition of total of twenty five artists of different genre. There will also be artist-book and animated-film exhibition as well. This main exhibition will be a blast.


2015-06-06 19:00:00
@ neurotitan neurotitan shop & gallery
im Haus Schwarzenberg
Rosenthaler Straße 39
10178 Berlin



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