Pickled Pupils Psychedelic Screenprint Exhibtion opening this Friday 7th‏

Pickled Pupils
Psychedelic Screenprint Exhibition
7 – 22 February 2014

Featuring artworks by:
Awer    Chuuu     Dromo T     Dylan Bakker
El Rughy     Fina     Hazard Hope
Hoji Tsuchiya     Kurihara     Maria Cukor
Marta Slawinska     Nathan Taare
Nicola Higham     Origami     Robin Bushell
Subliquida Project     Shoxxx     Zachariah Weaver
and Installations by Paulo Baptista and Shoxxx

Please visit the HAPPENINGS page for event information. And please  visit the ARTISTS page for artist infos. Join the event on Facebook.

Friday 07.Feb.2014 : 18-01h
///// Vegan Vokü (from 19h) /////
Tempeh Sandwiches and Jamacian Patties
by Fruits Salad Boutique & Guy
///// Live Performance /////
Kurihara Takuya and Michiyasu Furutani live noise and dance performance
///// DJ /////
EUTECHNIK – http://eutechnik.tumblr.com/
live DJ set
///// VJ /////
VJ Chuuu – http://chuuu.xxxxxxxx.jp
analog turntable animation
///// Live Tattoo /////
Axel Ejsmont – http://axelejsmont.tumblr.com/
live tattoo by a Berlin based visual artist Marta Sławińska aka Exel Ejsmont

Shoxxx Boxxx opens Wednesday to Saturday from 1500 to 1900.
Shoxxx Boxxx, Lehmbruckstr. 15, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain, S +U Warschaur Str.


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